The Wonders Of Italy: 8 Majestic Tourist Attractions

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The world offers unlimited places for one person to enjoy and visit in his lifetime. If one gets to have that chance to pack up and visit places he or she has never been to, this planet offers all what is best whether natural scenery or beauty of history. Some prefers to go to the best beaches, conquer mountains, walk city streets, and maybe meeting a complete stranger. Whatever one has on his or her plans for travel and vacation, there are always the best and known places for each categories selected.

As for me, when it comes to travel destination, there is only one country in the whole wide world that can give all of nature and human can offer. When you tour around this country, you will never have to crave in visiting other countries after. All its places hold historical importance and the blessing of nature so you can never really ask for more.

The country that I’m talking about is Italy. Aside that it is located in the European continent, the continent that was intentionally created for people around the world to desire travelling, Italy represents the whole beauty of Europe itself. All its cities and all its towns are famous on its own right, mentioned in books and featured in top lists. Really, I am such in amazed on how this country horded most of the cities that are on the list of “the world’s top cities to visit.” Just to give a few, Italy has Rome, has Venice, has Florence, and of course, the Vatican City.

Again, I bring back the question… What more you could ask for?

To further explode your mind on what Italy can offer you, here are some of the well-known places you might want to get a sneak peek of.


Out of the countless romantic and beautiful attractions that Italy can offer, the Colosseum tops the list of the must-see places. It is certainly unsurprising for the Colosseum to ranked first in the most visited historical spot because aside from its breathtaking look, the place withholds a significant role in the Roman culture.

Constructed in 70 A.D. and situated just east of the Roman Forum, Rome’s massive stone amphitheater famously known as Colosseum had been the place of festivities, revelry, sporting affairs, gladiatorial combats and bloodshed. However, due to the unending dilemmas faced by the Western Roman Empire and the change in society’s perspective along with natural disasters, vandalism and weather variations, the Colosseum lost its purpose as an amphitheater and gradually became just an attraction after series of restorations.

In the present time, the Colosseum stands in bare distinction to the modern expansion that surrounds it. It serves as an aide memoire of primeval times and the broad history of Rome.


If you’re a traveler that is dying to know the history of the Romans and their way of living of the first century AD, then you should pay a visit to the ancient town-city – the Pompeii, a city that was destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted. It has been a renowned tourist destination for over 250 years.

Pompeii, a city that was frozen in time, is the perfect place in Italy wherein you can begin to perceive how the ancient Romans lived in their times. The deserted site encompasses brothels, abundant bathing establishments, and classy dining settings. Moreover, the ruins of Pompeii are regarded as the most compelling archaeological site that one can find in Europe. Walking on the sprawling streets of Pompeii will definitely give you chills and flashbacks. The place is an existing memento of the people who lost their lives in the unstoppable calamity.

If you’re planning to visit Pompeii, include in your list the six must-see structures of the place – The House of the Tragic Poet, Temple Of Isis, Brothel, Stabian Baths, Villa of the Mysteries and the Amphitheater.


Lago di Garda is the largest lake situated in Italy. The lake and its shoreline are separated between the provinces of Verona, Brescia and Trentino. Lake Garda conveys tourists an exceptionally versatile holiday destination.

On the other hand, the place has numerous opportunities for excursions – from sailing on the wind-ruffled water in the north up to vineyard- tripping in the south. The lake’s cultural multiplicity draws in an international crowd.


When coming to Italy, find time to take a stroll to the most photographed site and experience the romantic gondola ride through the canals of Venice. A lot of travelers all over the world have been appreciating the delightful scenery for centuries now.

Venice canals serve as the city’s streets of the metropolis. The canals are margined by old interesting and breathtaking Venetian-Byzantine inspired buildings which have lingered untouched for hundreds of years.


Listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and considered as an exceptional paradigm of a Mediterranean landscape, the Amalfi Coast is a spectacular stretch of shoreline alongside the Sorrentine Peninsula. The neighborhood is constructed perilously in the steep mountain ranges just above the oceans.

The Amalfi Coast is a celebrated traveler destination for the area and Italy as a whole. It is able to draw in thousands of sightseer annually.

Amalfi Coast is not only an enthralling blend of immense exquisiteness and riveting drama but also a home to some marvelous hotels and bistros which make the place pleasurable for tourists.


Popular as a home to many world’s most precious art, magnificent attractions and superlative historical significance, the holy city of Vatican beyond doubt can offer a lot to tourists who are opt to experience the sheer beauty of Italy.

The Vatican is well celebrated amongst Christians who are yearning to have a glimpse of the Pope and to exercise their faith and devotion. The Basilica of Saint Peter, Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter’s Square, Raphael Rooms and Vatican Museums are primarily the well-known tourist attractions of the city.


An astonishing and remarkably well preserved remnant from the ancient Roman period, the Pantheon is one of the must-see structures in Rome, Italy. The Pantheon served as a holy temple for early Romans society, and later on became a church for Christians. The Pantheon also exploited as columbarium for Italian Kings and prominent Italian contributors.

The great spherical domed cella, conventional portico frontage and the well-defined building’s proportions are the characteristics that set the Pantheon apart from the other Roman buildings.


The Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is the prime church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Florence, Italy. The cathedral stands high over the city skies showcasing its glorious Renaissance dome.